• The island where the guys behind the fiji coup in 2006 were put in solitary confinement as punishment, just off the coast of Suva
  • A cool looking tree. It has a very small trunk relative to the branches
  • Yes, these were used to eat real people
  • The houses are on stilts so they don't get flooded
  • This is the fijian drink "kava" which is a low grade narcotic. I didn't like the taste.
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Kingsford_Smith" data-lightbox="magnific-image-gallery" href="http://photos.adrianbye.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/landing_field.jpg">
    The landing field where Charles Kingsford Smith landed in Fiji on the first crossing of the pacific in 1928: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Kingsford_Smith
  • In the bottom left hand corner are "sea cucumber"
  • Downtown Suva, the capital of Fiji